Cracked Travertine Tiles Repaired in Worfield

Cracked Travertine Tiles After Repair in Worfield

This customer from the village of Worfield has a Travertine tiled floor in their kitchen/dining room which had a crack across four of the tiles. The dining room forms an extension to the original old building and as you can the crack had occurred along the front of the patio doorway. Potentially this could indicate an issue with the foundation as there was a definite difference in the height of the tiles on either side of the crack.

Cracked Travertine Tiles Before Repair in Worfield

Repairing Cracked Travertine Tile

To repair the crack I cleaned the area, dried it and then filled the crack with a colour matching resin. When the resin was set I started to grind the tiles to bring them back to the same level and then finished by polishing.

Cracked Travertine Tiles After Repair in Worfield
Naturally I mentioned our cleaning and sealing service but as it turns out the customer had only recently cleaned and sealed the floor themselves and so I was only needed for the repair which I think you will agree has turned out rather well, certainly the customer was happy as they left the following feedback on my profile.

“Jozsef has done a brilliant job, would certainly recommend him .”

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Cracked Travertine Tiles Repaired in Worfield

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  1. Those colour matching resins are great for this sort of problem, you will have to look very hard to see any evidence of any crack now.

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